Our certifications

safe quality food

Safe Quality Food

Food safety and quality standard certification that demonstrates the care with which our products are produced, processed, prepared and handled.



Granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA). Federal Inspection Type Certification (TIF) of our plants, obtained by complying with national and international regulations, which guarantees quality and sanitary control in the production processes.

BRCGS food safety

BRCGS, Food Safety Certificated

One of the first global standards recognized by the GFSI, it is widely accepted for its thoroughness and comprehensive reliability, as it establishes conditions and actions focused on risk prevention and strict compliance with operational controls for safe, quality, legal and authentic food, in order to protect consumers and brands.

Logo of the United States Department of Agriculture.svg

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

The Food Safety and Inspection Service is USDA's public health agency responsible for protecting the public's health by ensuring the safety of meat, poultry, and egg products and the protection of natural resources. FSIS ensures food safety through the authorities of the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, and the Egg Products Inspection Act, as well as the humane handling of animals through the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

Our recognitions

star award best supplier 1999 tricon

Star Award

Awarded by YUM! We received this award for: Business Relations Performance Survey, Cost Performance, Best Supplier and Business Relationship.

premio excelencia en el servicio 1999

Service Excellence Award

Awarded by McDonald's. A recognition for the collaboration as a supplier and the quality of our products.

business relations performance survey tricon 2001

Business Relations Performance Survey

Awarded by TRICON. We were awarded first place for our collaboration in supporting the business growth of the franchisee company of the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands.

mejor proveedor perecederos soriana 2003

Best Perishables Supplier

Awarded by Soriana. In recognition of the quality of our services to the final consumer.


National Marketing Award for the Ries Brand

Awarded by the Universidad Anáhuac. For being one of the most solid brands in the country, thanks to our commercial efforts.

socio proveedor lcop casa ley huevo 2006

Supplier Partner of the LCOP program

Awarded by Casa Ley. Are cognition as a quality supplier for poultry and, subsequently, egg products.

star award relacion de negocios yum 2006

Star Award

Awarded by YUM! We received this award for: Business Relations Performance Survey, Cost Performance, Best Supplier and Business Relationship.

premio aguila real yum 2010

Royal Eagle Award

Awarded by YUM! for our merits in Quality and Food Safety. We have received this recognition for different reasons: best audit Bachoco Tecamachalco; Best audit Distribution Center, Cedis Puebla; Distribution Centers; and for excellent qualification in Star System audit for the Poultry Processing Plant in Culiacán.

premio totem publicidad 2011

TotemAdvertising Award

Awarded by the Mexican Association of Outdoor Advertising. For developing one of the most recognized and iconic outdoor advertising campaigns in the country.

agropecuaria 2011

National Agri-Food Award

Awarded by the National Agricultural Council. The highest award in our sector. A sample of the quality standards and the impact that our company has in the field, livestock and the community.

premio yucatan a la calidad

Yucatan Quality Award

Awarded by the Government of Yucatan. An award that supports Bachoco's commitment to offer quality products for the society of Yucatan and all of Mexico.

mejor proveedor alimentos

Best Food Supplier

Awarded by Walmart Mexico. A distinction that strengthens the collaboration between both companies to achieve better quality and service standards.


Oxxo Award

Awarded by Oxxo. Awarded for our commitment to offer products of daily need, quality and for our service of cooperation between companies.

premio amco

AMCO Award

Awarded by the Mexican Association of Organizational Communicators.

premio heb

HEB Superior

Awarded by HEB. A recognition as a Quality Supplier.

sabor del year 2016

Sabor del año

Otorgado por Global Quality Certifications México.Concedido por el delicioso sabor de nuestros productos y por la apreciación de nuestros consumidores. ¡Un distintivo de calidad!

superempresa 2016

Súper Empresa

Otorgado por la revista Expansión y Top Companies.

cert calidad suprema

Mexico Supreme Quality

Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA). In recognition of our commitment to quality and safety in our products, our respect for the environment and our social responsibility.

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