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Bachoco open its gates ahead to their new first stores of own channel: Bachoco Mercado

With more than 70 years of experience about chicken products production and marketing, Bachoco positionates as one as of the biggest companies with more growth and increase of innovation all over the country, this is the result of its quality, service and distribution in the sales centers.

This growth and experience adquired allows us to continue innovating and creating concepts that increase the food qualitity to the mexicans, and, with not doubt, the approach with the clients will be its new strenght, such as its new challenge to achieving: Bachoco Mercado

Bachoco Mercado is the own channel of Industrias Bachoco, its specialized stores on multiproteins and day to day complements. Since Monday, October 3th, opening date of its three first stores, will be in touch with its most important client: the final client.

This new channel looks forward to approach the Bachoco´s freshness and quality and a market, but with the convenence of a store that have all to cooked on the day to day.

Within the opening of the three first branches, located on the city of Puebla, this new debt of quality products, served with excellency, and with more approach and nicer experience, its the new way to feed the families.

Find Bachoco Mercado on Calera Plaza, Plaza Comercial La Libertad and Plaza Comercial Alpar on Puebla de Zaragoza.

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