4 joves talentos Ok Foods

Ok Foods, a company from Industrias Bachoco, recruited a new generation of trainees through an event organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Fort Smith, Arkansas. This initiatives provides Bachoco Ok Foods the opportunity to open their gates to trainees and interns and strengthen their skills and acquired knowledge.

The youth must have a platform that contributes to their professional preparation and the increase of their talent, Bachoco Ok Foods is one of the best options to work and start your employees’ journey at the cities of Fort Smith, Oklahoma, and Albertville in the United States.

Ok Foods has grown from being a poultry and livestock producer, to become one of the biggest chicken producers of the world. In November 2011, Ok Foods was acquired by Industrias Bachoco. Nowadays, employs more than 3 thousand collaborators nationwide in the U.S. dedicated to produce the highest quality chicken products.

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