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In 2022, Bachoco is proud to celebrate 70 years of being part of our consumers’ diet.

In 1952, in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, the brothers Juan, Javier, Enrique and Alfonso Robinson Bours began to commercialize eggs for dishes with a farm of 1,000 birds. After seeing their dream evolve, in 1971 they ventured into the chicken and pork business.

To this date, the founding family’s commitment has been to generate value and create distinctive differentiators that would allow Bachoco to consolidate itself as what it is today, one of the most recognized brands in Mexico and one of the most relevant poultry companies worldwide.

Bachoco has been able to expand not only to the United States but also to other proteins ranging from processed pork, beef, balanced feed and pet food.

Get to know Industrias Bachoco through the years.


The Robinson Bours family founded the company in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, starting with egg production in a small farm with a production capacity of one thousand birds.

Our very first farm had a capacity of one thousand laying hens.

Why is it called Bachoco?

Webegan to be known because we started selling eggs nearby. Bachoco means "Where the water passes through" in the Yaqui language.

1952 bachoco history

First expansion

The company expands its operations to other northern cities, Navojoa, Los Mochis and Culiacán, in the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.


The production and marketing of chicken and pork begins in Culiacán.

In the early 1970s we acquired the Culiacán poultry processing plant. PPA Culiacán our first plant.

1971 bachoco history


Bachoco expands its operations to the center of the country in the state of Guanajuato. Expanding to the center of the country, closer to the largest population concentration in Mexico.

This decision by the four Bours brothers was decisive for Bachoco's growth. Efficient and closer to the main egg and chicken market in the country.

1974 bachoco history

Bachoco Brand

The successful advertising campaign begins. Branding a commodity that no other producer had.

Bachoco begins commercializing chicken in Mexico City.

Production and sale of brown egg begins in Celaya. The sale of the brand Pollo Mercado Público begins in Mexico City.

The first billboard Un huevo de alta cocina (An egg of haute cuisine) is exhibited.

Bachoco’s logo represented the union of the four proteins: egg, chicken, beef and pork.

1984 bachoco history

From Ciudad Obregon to Celaya

The company decides to move its main offices located in Ciudad Obregon and relocates its headquarters in Celaya, where it establishes its Corporate Office.

That same year the company acquires a production complex in the southeast of the country, located in the state of Puebla.

By this year our chicken was already being sold in pieces on a tray, for the Self-Service sector, in the Valley of Mexico. We expanded into the Southeastern market with the acquisition of Oscar Hidalgo in Puebla.

1993 bachoco history

The Occident (The West)

The Board of Administration is established and the Robinson Bours family, founder of Bachoco, leaves the administration of the company to promote its growth and competitiveness.

The company acquires a production complex in the city of Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco. At the beginning, the Lagos Poultry Processing Plant produced 5,000 chickens per day.

1994 bachoco history

Implementation of marinating process

The marinating process for wings is implemented at PPA Culiacán, our first process and iconic value-added product.

1996 bachoco history

Public offering

In September of this year, the company issued shares and began trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Bachoco is the only Mexican public poultry company.

1997 oferta publica

Peninsula Region and CAMPI

Bachoco acquires a poultry company in Yucatán and begins the production and sale of balanced animal food under the CAMPI brand.

1999 bachoco history

Isthmus Region

Bachoco expands into the Isthmus of Tehuantepec with a production complex in the state of Veracruz.

We diversify our product offering. In that year we take advantage of our experience in the industry and create a line of broths and chicken seasonings.

Northern Region

In the Laguna region, on the border of the states of Durango and Coahuila, the Northern operation is acquired, with egg production.

Launching of cooked products

The sale of fully cooked products produced in Mérida's packing plant begins.

2006 bachoco history

Turkey and beef products

We acquired a company in the city of Hermosillo, a producer of value-added turkey products. A business agreement is reached with LIBRA in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Bachoco refreshes itself by changing its image through a new logo that represents a new dawn that reflects the company's commitment to renewal, the orange and green colors which project the freshness, healthiness and naturalness of our products.

2007 bachoco history


In the state of Nuevo León, the Company acquires a chicken production operation. This acquisition provides national coverage in chicken production, the Company's main line of business.

2009 monterrey bachoco


In April, the firstshipment of 25 tons of Leg and Thigh Fillet with skin and a small quantity of pigmented chicken was exported.

2010 bachoco history

Internationalization and growth

The Trosi business located in Monterrey is acquired for the production and marketing of value-added chicken and beef products. A poultry company in Arkansas, United States, is incorporated into the Bachoco family under the name OK Foods.

OK FOODS, founded in 1930, is engaged in the production and sale of chicken products in the United States.

Finally, the Company purchased the assets and equipment of MACSA, which led the Company to open 3 distribution centers in thestate of Baja California Sur.

2011 ok foods logo

Growth in the U.S.A.

Industrias Bachoco acquires the breeding farms from Morris Hatchery in Arkansas. In Mexico, pet food sales begin.

2013 Arkansas WikiProject

Growth in Pet Food

Bachoco wants to conquer the world of pet food, it acquires "La Perla", a Pet Food company with a production capacity of 65,000 tons per year.

This year was key for CAMPI's growth in its line of pet food and treats.

Through Bachoco OK Foods, we reached an agreement to acquire Albertville Quality Foods in the United States for 140 million dollars. Strengthening our presence in that country.

2017 crecimiento petfood

Strengthens pork line

In 2021, we consolidated the acquisition of Sonora Agropecuaria (SASA), a pork processing and marketing company with a presence in Sonora and Jalisco, thereby expanding this line of business.

Through SASA we export to the United States, Japan, China, Republic of Congo, Korea, Ivory Coast, Singapore and Vietnam.

2021 fortalece linea cerdo

New opportunities

The agreement was reached to acquire RYC Alimentos, a meat processing and marketing company, mainly beef, pork and chicken with national coverage, participating in all distribution channels with fresh and value-added products. Located in the state of Puebla.

2022 nuevas oportunidades

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