An innovate protein of vegetal origins and 100% meat-free.

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An innovate protein of vegetal origins and 100% meat-free.

Bachoco RYC Alimentos, in a very innovative and accessible way, answers to the meat substitute market with new brand “Meat Out”

Based on vegetal protein of broad bean, pea, and spice, Meat Out is a delicious way to increase your vegetal consume, whatever your lifestyle is.
Through this innovative Brand, you can find different products such as sausage, minced meat, meatballs, and hamburgers.

But seriously, what does their taste is? Delicious! But do not believe us, try out and know more about Meat Out here:

On January 2022, Industrias Bachoco conclude the 100% purchase agreement of RYC Alimentos stocks, a processor and distributor of multiproteic meat, with productive installations at Puebla, México.

As the result, Bachoco acquire 2 plants located at Puebla and, approximately, 21 stores located on four states of the Mexican Republic (Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz y Tlaxcala).

RYC produces and sells processed and value-added products , with net sales of approximately 150 million US dollars per year.

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